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Demand Immediate Action to Stop Medicare Cuts and Prevent Effects of the Fiscal Cliff

Faced with approximately 29 percent in total Medicare reimbursement cuts come Jan. 1, physicians are anxiously watching negotiations between Congress and the Obama administration, hoping to avoid deep budget cuts (commonly referred to as the “fiscal cliff”) in the new year that would be costly to their practices and patients.

The largest Medicare cut of nearly 27 percent is the result of the sustainable growth rate (SGR) Medicare payment formula. Another 2 percent cut would be the result of automatic federal budget reductions.

The time for Congress to act to prevent cuts and protect access to care is NOW. Let your voice be heard and demand that Congress take action before Jan. 1.

These cuts, combined with potential penalties physicians already face for non-participation in several Medicare programs, threaten access to care for Medicare patients nationwide, including 2.2 million in Pennsylvania alone.

The short-term SGR patches that Congress has continued to use over the past decade have done nothing more than put a Band-Aid on a flawed formula, increasing the cost of permanent repeal, creating instability for physicians’ practices, and limiting access to care for millions of Medicare patients.

It’s time for the delays and short-term patches to come to an end TODAY. Call on Congress to take action NOW to stop Medicare cuts and prevent the effects of the fiscal cliff.


Call on Congress to take
action NOW to stop Medicare
cuts and prevent the effects
of the fiscal cliff.


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