Our Organization

Philadelphia County Medical Society

Our Organization

The Philadelphia County Medical Society (PCMS) is a vibrant multispecialty county medical society with several thousand members which includes a medical student section and resident fellow section from Philadelphia’s world renowned medical training institutions. Our members are not only from many specialties but encompass academic attending physicians as well as the many private practices of our city.

Our members share a common belief of the prime importance of the physician- patient relationship to good medical decision making and the common goal of extreme high quality accessible innovative care for our county and region’s citizens. PCMS strives to not only be a consensus voice of the membership but also to serve as a trusted information source to our practitioners on the many complex regulatory/health policy issues that affect the way and sometimes their ability they deliver high quality care.

Our Mission

The mission of the Philadelphia County Medical Society (PCMS) is to aggressively advance and support the interests of physicians and their patients. PCMS is Pennsylvania’s premier county medical organization, promoting values and enriching the professional lives of the physicians and medical community in the Philadelphia area.

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