Board Members

Philadelphia County Medical Society


The following is the slate which the PCMS Nominating Committee will present to the PCMS Board of Directors on Thursday,  March 21, 2024 at 6:30 PM for the term June, 2024 to June, 2025.  Additional nominations may be made from the floor in  writing by at least twenty five  active and emeritus member of PCMS. These nominations must be filed in writing prior to the beginning of the Board meeting on March 21, 2024.  For additional information on how to proceed, please contact the PCMS Executive office at 215-563-5343.

President Elect – Dom Bucci, MD
Secretary – David Sass, MD
Treasurer – Katherine Sherif, MD
Director at Large (two 3-year terms) – Brian Hannah, MD
Victoria D. Cimino, MD MPH

Delegates and Alternate delegates to the 2024 PAMED House of Delegates

( unslotted delegation seats)

Sharon Griswold, MD
William King, MD
Harvey B. Lefton, MD
Anthony Padula, MD
Curtis Miyamoto, MD
Ricardo Morgenstern, MD
Natalia Ortiz, MD
Steve Permut, MD
Brian Hannah, MD
David Sass, MD
Dhruvan Patel, MD
Graeme Williams, MD
Victoria Cimino, MD
Max Mercado, MD
Carol Love, MD
Walter Tsou, MD
Ken Wasserman, MD
Susan Robbins, MD
Shailendra Vaidya, MD

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