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Philadelphia County Medical Society

House of Delegates Participation Reimbursement Form

Thank you for participating in the House of Delegates as part of our delegation! Please fill out the form below if you had attended in person so that we may reimburse you:

HOD Total Reimbursement which includes incidentals, if you stayed at the Hershey Lodge, or a local Hotel the evening of October 21: $ 400.

HOD Total Reimbursement if you arrived on Saturday October 22: $100.

 There is No Reimbursement if you attended the HOD virtually.

 (Submitting A copy of your hotel receipt, mileage & tolls is not necessary). However, you MUST attest to the fact that you stayed at the Hershey Lodge (or area Hotel) on October 21 and attended in person the HOD meeting on Saturday October 22).

PCMS will reimburse members only for participation in official duties. All expenses incurred must be paid directly by the individual member. Direct billing to PCMS is not permitted. Reimbursements will not be honored unless this form is completed ASAP and no later than the close of business December 1, 2022.

HOD Reimbursement Form
How did you attend the HOD?
I will make a tax-deductible contribution to the PCMS Educational & Scientific Trust with a portion of my reimbursement.

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