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Welcome to PCMS Advocacy

PCMS represents your interests before the members of the Pennsylvania Legislature and our local members of Congress. Together with the Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED), we bring in-depth knowledge of the issues that matter most to you to the doorstep of lawmakers and provide them with the education to make reasoned, well informed decisions. PAMED monitors hundreds of bills each session on issue that impact physicians and their patients.

Pending legislation that might affect you, your patients and your practice this year

HB 125: Credentialing with insurance companies (PA 2017-2018) PAMED supported
SB 25: Eliminates collaborative agreement between physicians and CRNPs (PA 2017-2018) PAMED Opposed

Scope of Practice
SB 109: Registration of recreational therapists (PA 2017-2018)
SB 274: Recognize CRNAs under the Professional Nursing Law (PA 2017-2018)

End-of-Life Care
HB 45: Use of investigational drugs, biological products and devices by terminally ill patients (PA 2017-2018)
HB 102: Use of autopsy audiovisual material (PA 2017-2018)
SB 218: Amends law on living wills and advanced health care directives (PA 2017-2018
SB 238: Death with Dignity Act (PA 2017-2018)

Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting
SB 111: Amends child protective services act (PA 2017-2018)

Opioids / Pain Management
HB 124: Administration of buprenorphine to a patient (PA 2017-2018)
HB 195: Reduces criminal grading of possession of a small amount to a summary offense (PA 2017-2018)
HB 197: Establishment of a Pain Management and Palliative Care Task Force (PA 2017-2018)
HB 235: Establishment of a task force on the opioid abuse epidemic’s impact on children (PA 2017-2018)
HB 288: Abuse Deterrent Opioid (PA 2017-2018) PAMED support this bill
HB 396: Amends ABC-MAP law providing requirements for prescribers (PA 2017-2018)
HB 575: Official State prescription form (PA 2017-2018)
HB 597: Prohibits the issuance of prescriptions for extended release long-acting opioid analgesics in a non-abuse deterrent form, with exceptions (PA 2017-2018)
HB 598: Requires practitioners to query the PDMP for extended release long-acting opioid analgesics in a non-abuse deterrent form (PA 2017-2018)
HB 617: Disposal of hypodermic needles (PA 2017-2018)

HB 380: Amends Newborn Screening Act for further testing (PA 2017-2018)

Consent for Minors
HB 381: Minors consent to treatment under certain circumstances (PA 2017-2018)

Medical Malpractice Topics
HB 358: Volunteer health care practitioner certification (PA 2017-2018)

SB 213: Lawful use of personal marijuana (PA 2017-2018)

Health Care Employer Topics
HB 339: Protection for medical personnel from retaliation by health care facilities (PA 2017-2018)
HB 346: Limiting restrictive covenants (PA 2017-2018)
HB 347: Prohibition on health care provider self-referral (PA 2017-2018)
HB 627: Licensing of opticians and contact lens technicians (PA 2017-2018)

Medical License
HB 312: Amends Osteopathic Medical Practice Act – permanent revocation for a doctor convicted of a drug-related offense (PA 2017-2018)
HB 313: Amends Nursing Law – permanent revocation for a nurse convicted of a drug-related offense (PA 2017-2018)
HB 314: Amends Nursing Law – permanent revocation for a nurse convicted of a drug-related offense. (PA 2017-2018)
HB 317: Amends Medical Practice Act – permanent revocation for a doctor convicted of a drug-related offense. (PA 2017-2018)

HIV Care
HB 305: Amends HIV Confidentiality Act to provide notice to corrections staff regarding significant exposure to an inmate’s blood or bodily fluids (PA 2017-2018)
HB 306: Amends HIV Confidentiality Act to provide notice to all corrections staff who come in contact with an infected inmate (PA 2017-2018)

Addiction Treatment
HB 115: Mental health parity and access to addiction treatment (PA 2017-2018)
HB 116: Disclosure of addiction treatment coverage (PA 2017-2018)
HB 117: Mental health parity and access to addiction treatment (PA 2017-2018)
HB 118: Emergency drug and alcohol detoxification program (PA 2017-2018)
HB 119: Certification process for drug and alcohol recovery houses (PA 2017-2018)HB 677: Involuntary commitment for overdoses (PA 2017-2018)
HB 825: An Act providing for a psychiatric and detoxification bed registry (PA 2017-2018)
SB 301: Directs the Department of Health to develop and adopt uniform state standards for providers of opioid addiction treatment and methadone clinics. (PA 2017-2018)
SB 419: Drug overdose death reporting (PA 2017-2018)

Mental Health
SB 44: Barring mental health professionals from in engaging in sexual orientation changes efforts with individuals under 18 (PA 2017-2018)
SB 179: Acute care mental health bed registry (PA 2017-2018)
SB 200: Adds postpartum depression as an at-risk category for early intervention services (PA 2017-2018)

HB 79: Establishment of a program to donate unused prescription drugs to pharmacies for further dispensing (PA 2017-2018)
HB 126: Use of epinephrine auto-injectors for eligible institutions (PA 2017-2018)
HB 161: Pharmaceutical cost transparency (PA 2017-2018)
HB 190: Establishment of Prescription Drug Program within Department of Human Services (PA 2017-2018)
HB 353: Electronic prescription requirements (PA 2017-2018)
HB 616: Collection and disposal of drugs by pharmacies (PA 2017-2018)
SB 418: Pharmacy technician registration (PA 2017-2018)

Hospitals / Health Systems
HB 23: Amends the Primary Stroke Center Act to include “acute stroke ready” hospitals and “comprehensive stroke centers” (PA 2017-2018)
HB 788: An Act prohibiting enforcement of covenants not to compete in health care practitioner employment agreements. (PA 2017-2018)
HB 833: An Act providing for the compilation of daily nursing staff reports by hospitals, for public posting of reports and for reporting to the Department of Health; and imposing duties on the Department of Health. (PA 2017-2018)
SB 24: Conscientious objector status for health care providers (PA 2017-2018)
SB 336: Compilation of daily nursing staff reports by hospitals (PA 2017-2018)

HB 174: Coverage for Lyme disease treatment (PA 2017-2018)
HB 579: Coverage for mammographic examinations (PA 2017-2018)
HB 665: Insurance coverage for immunizations provided at pharmacies by pharmacists (PA 2017-2018)
HB 735: An Act amending the act of May 17, 1921 (P.L.682, No.284), known as The Insurance Company Law of 1921, in casualty insurance, further providing for health insurance coverage for certain children of insured parents. (PA 2017-2018)
SB 87: Health insurance coverage for tobacco cessation programs (PA 2017-2018)
SB 100: Lyme disease coverage (PA 2017-2018)
SB 148: Coverage for infertility treatment (PA 2017-2018)
SB 244: Coverage for eating disorder treatment (PA 2017-2018)
SB 373: Uniform health insurance claim form (PA 2017-2018)

Women’s Health Care
HB 562: Amends PA Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Screening Program (PA 2017-2018) –
SB 3: Amends Abortion Control Act – 20 weeks & dismemberment (PA 2017-2018) PAMED opposed
SB 210: Would require abortion facilities to be treated as ASFs for purposes of licensure and inspections (PA 2017-2018)

Other Policy Issues
HB 113: Unconventional gas well fee (PA 2017-2018) –
HB 557: Providing for minimum royalty for unconventional oil or gas well production and for remedy for failure to pay the minimum royalty on unconventional oil or gas wells. (PA 2017-2018) –
HB 706: Amends Medical Practice Act to amend definitions (PA 2017-2018) –
HB 746: An Act providing for cytomegalovirus education and newborn testing. (PA 2017-2018) –
HB 747: An Act amending the act of March 10, 1949 (P.L.30, No.14), known as the Public School Code of 1949, in pupils and attendance, further providing for immunization required and penalty; and requiring children to be tested for diabetes prior to admission. (PA 2017-2018) –
HB 789: An Act amending the act of December 20, 1985 (P.L.457, No.112), known as the Medical Practice Act of 1985, providing for the provision and supervision of anesthesia care. (PA 2017-2018)

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