EHR Incentive Program

The proposed rule outlines the 2012 payment year for the program. As in the 2011 payment year, eligible professionals (EPs) may continue to report clinical quality measure results as calculated by certified EHR technology by attestation.

In the July 28, 2010 final rule implementing the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs, CMS required EPs, eligible hospitals and critical access hospitals to electronically submit clinical quality measure (CQM) results calculated by certified EHR technology for the 2012 payment year of the EHR Incentive Program. The primary method, CMS states, for completing this requirement will be to upload

the CQM results through a password-protected CMS portal.

Under the rule, CMS proposes the following methods available for EPs to report CQMs to demonstrate meaningful use:

Continue with attestation for reporting CQMs

Participate in a Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS)-Medicare EHR Incentive Pilot, established by the 2012 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule proposed rule that relies on the infrastructure of the PQRS. EPs could report CQMs through either of two methods:

1. Using a PQRS-qualified EHR data submission vendor to submit calculated results from the EP’s certified EHR to CMS on the EP’s behalf

2. Submitting CQM data directly from his or her certified EHR to CMS via a secure portal. The EHR also must be a qualified PQRS EHR product


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