Community Based Health Care Program Grant Requests

TO: Physicians

If you are involved in a community-based health care program that is in need of funding, you may be interested in the following PA Department of Health’s Bureau of Health Planning notice. The deadline for applications is April 9, 2014.

Bureau of Health Planning
Funding Opportunity Announcement

Request for Applications
Solicitation Number: 67-28


Applications and Information:

Applications Due: Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Instructions to Download RFA and Budget Template:
Go to website: . Click the box named “Solicitations”. In the box named “Solicitations#” type 67-28. Click “Search”. Scroll down to bottom of page click “67-28”. Scroll down to bottom of page and click on RFA 67-28.pdf to download the RFA. Be sure to download the Budget Template and save it to your computer by clicking on Appendix C – Budget (Matching Funds) RFA 67-28.xlxs .

The Community-Based Health Care Program funds grantees to expand and improve health care access and service, reduce unnecessary utilization of hospital emergency room services and encourage collaborative relationships among community-based health care clinics, hospitals and other health care providers.

Eligible applicants may apply for:

Category 1 Funding:
The development of a new community-based health care clinic.

Category 2 Funding:
The expansion of primary health services at an existing community-based health care clinic.

Category 3 Funding
The addition or expansion of prenatal, obstetric, postpartum or newborn care services at an existing
community-based health care clinic.

Category 4 Funding
The development of alternative health care delivery systems administered by a community-based health care clinic which improve services and access to reduce hospital emergency room utilization equivalent.

Category 5 Funding
The implementation of collaborative relationships to enhance transitions of care for patients to ensure timely follow up for health care clinic patients seen in or admitted to the hospital and to develop referral mechanisms to establish a health clinic medical home for patients seen in the hospital and specialty clinics.

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