Take action to cancel Medicare payment cuts!

Congress has not yet acted on the physician Medicare payment cuts scheduled to take place on January 1. These cuts could greatly impede patient access to care by forcing many physician practices to close and putting further strain on others.

These cuts will come in the form of:

  • Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) regulation – CMS has proposed a 4.5% cut for all physician services in 2023 to offset payment policy improvements in office and facility-based visits.
  • No inflationary update – Physicians are the only providers whose Medicare payments do not automatically receive an annual inflationary update; during this time of record inflation and coming on the heels of a highly disruptive pandemic, this statutory flaw amplifies the impact of proposed payment cuts.

We ask that you take action on this urgent issue and demand that Congress cancel the Medicare payment cuts. The Physicians Grassroots Network has provided a form with a prewritten message that you can fill out and which will be submitted to Congress. You can access it here.

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