Regional Overdose Prevention Coalition Fall Conference to be held on November 18

The Regional Overdose Prevention Coalition is holding a virtual conference on Friday, November 18, from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm. The conference will focus on families, specifically on what the Coalition’s systems and services can do to identify, understand, and address the needs of families impacted by substance use as well as the trauma experienced due to a substance-related loss.

Registration is available here.

Rhonda Miller – Rhonda is a Certified Family Recovery Specialist (CFRS), a grief educator, and the founder and managing director of Oasis Community Center in Bethlehem. Rhonda will be sharing her personal story of loss and her subsequent actions working with her county SCA to open and run Oasis with the goal of providing support programs for families impacted by substance use.
Trish Caldwell – Senior President of Clinical Services at Recovery Centers of America, Trish will address the clinical side of SUD with a focus on why SUD is a family disease, the ways in which family members are impacted, risk factors, and social determinants.
Kim Porter – Kim is a Certified Family recovery Specialist (CFRS) and Executive Director for Be Part of the Conversation. Kim will provide insight regarding the role of a CFRS as well as information regarding the community-based programs her organization offers that are focused on education, awareness, and family support.
Laura Vargas – Laura (MSW, LSW) is program manager for the City’s Substance Use Prevention and Harm Reduction program where she manages various bereavement support programs for families in Philadelphia who have lost someone to substance use.

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