PROJECT #APPLAUSE & Recognition of our Local Heroes

The Philadelphia County Medical Society (PCMS) is calling on everyone in our city and neighboring Pennsylvania counties to join New York City and many other parts of the nation and world to give a nightly shout-out to our dedicated essential workers.

James L. Cristol, MD, President of the Philadelphia County Medical Society is urging residents to show their appreciation for our local heroes every night at 7:00 PM, starting tonight, Saturday, May 2.

“Let’s hear thunderous applause,” Dr. Cristol said, “cheering or banging of pots and pans to express our gratitude in recognition of their hard work that is often life-saving. Let’s join together each evening until the COVID-19 Quarantine ends.”

Dr. Cristol emphasized that there’s a long list of people we need to thank.  “We ALL wish to THANK our Doctors, Nurses, Health Care Professionals, First Responders, Mail Carriers, Grocery Store Clerks, Cleaning Staff, Restaurant Workers, Delivery Personnel, Sanitation workers, our City, State and Federal employees who are taking care of us every day”! “Come on Philadelphia, let’s make some cheerful noise!”

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