PDPH: Monovalent (Original Formulation) mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines No Longer Authorized for Boosters

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health released the following Health Advisory on August 31:

Summary Points:

  • Monovalent mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are NO LONGER authorized for use as boosters in people ages 12 years and older.
  • Bivalent vaccines have been authorized by the FDA and are anticipated to become available in the next couple of weeks.
  • Individuals aged 12 and over are anticipated to be eligible for a single dose of the bivalent vaccine if it has been at least two months since they have completed primary vaccination or have received the most recent booster dose with any authorized or approved monovalent COVID-19 vaccine.

Monovalent mRNA COVID-19 vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) are no longer authorized for use as boosters in people ages 12 years and older.

No further monovalent mRNA boosters should be given to those 12 and older. All booster appointments should be rescheduled for when the bivalent COVID-19 vaccines are available which is anticipated to be in the next 1-2 weeks.

The monovalent vaccines are still approved for those individuals receiving their primary series. In addition, the Pfizer monovalent vaccine is still approved as a booster in those ages 5-11.

Updated EUAs for both products are linked below:
• Pfizer: Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccines | FDA
• Moderna: Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines | FDA

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