PDPH Advisory: Recommendations on Duration of Isolation or Quarantine for COVID-19

On April 23, the Philadelphia Department of Public Health released a Health Advisory. Below is a summary:

Health Advisory – Recommendations on Duration of Isolation or Quarantine for COVID-19

Summary Points:

  • Duration of transmissibility of SARS-CoV-2 from infected persons is unknown.
  • Discontinuing isolation or quarantine can be based on either test-based or non-test-based strategies.
  • Specific recommendations on when to discontinue isolation/quarantine are provided in the table (View the PDF).

You can view the full Alert here. (PDF)

URGENT MESSAGE: The Health Department COVID Provider line (215-685-6741) is malfunctioning, as of 4/23. If you cannot reach anyone by the phone, please email your request to [email protected].

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