PCMS Nominates Slate of Officers for 2014-2015


The following is the slate which the PCMS Nominating Committee will present to the PCMS Board of Directors on Thursday, March 13, 2014 for the term June, 2014-June, 2015. Additional nominations may be made from the floor in writing by an active member of PCMS. These nominations must be filed in writing prior to the beginning of the Board meeting March 13. For additional information on how to proceed, contact Mark Austerberry, Executive Director on 215-563-5343, Ext. 101.

President Elect Michael DellaVecchia, MD
Secretary J. Q. Michael Yu, MD
Treasurer Daniel Dempsey, MD

Director at Large (two 3 year terms)
Stephen R. Permut, MD, JD
Max Mercado, MD

Board of Censors & Grievances (two 3 year terms)
John Cacciamani, Jr., MD, MBA
Lynn M. Lucas-Fehm, MD, JD

PMS Delegates (2 year term – expiring 2016):

1. Angel Angelov, MD
2. John D. Cacciamani, Jr., MD, MBA
3. James L. Cristol, MD
4. Daniel Dempsey, MD
5. Tamara Fierst, MD
6. Harvey Lefton, MD
7. Deepak Mehrotra, MD
8. Kurt Miceli, MD
9. Curtis Miyamoto, MD
10. Ricardo Morgenstern, MD
11. Alan Richman, MD
12. Anthony Rosa, MD
13. Barbara Shelton, MD
14. Paul D. Siegel, MD
15. Stephen L. Schwartz, MD
16. Medical Student (Kinnari Patel)
17. Kenneth Wasserman, MD
18. J. Q. Michael Yu, MD, FRCPC

PMS Alternate Delegates (2 year term – expiring 2016):

1. Harris R. Clearfield, MD
2. Bernard A. Eskin, MD
3. George Ross Fisher, III, MD
4. Robert D. Reinecke, MD

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