PAMED wants you to Take Action!

Here are the top bills that the Pennsylvania Medical Society wants you to take action on. Click the links to contact your legislators.

When you are sick or in pain, time is of the essence. And yet many Pennsylvanians aren’t receiving the timely care they need because of an insurance process called prior authorization. You have the power to minimize prior authorization delays to your health care. Tell your state Representative to support House Bill 1293.

Email or call your State Senator NOW and urge them to oppose SB 895 and SB 896, legislation that would erode the supervisory role of the physician with physician assistants (PAs).

Your state lawmaker may soon consider House Bill 100/Senate Bill 25, which would allow certified registered nurse practitioners (CRNPs) to practice independently in Pennsylvania without the vital safety net of physician collaboration. Contact your State Representative NOW and urge them to listen to their voters and protect patient safety by opposing House Bill 100 and Senate Bill 25.

PAMED was the first to spearhead opioid prescribing guidelines in Pennsylvania. While we applaud the legislature’s focus on stemming the state’s opioid crisis, we remain concerned that the pendulum may swing too far by changing guidelines to mandates.

Oppose Senate Bill 668! The Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) is strongly urging you to take immediate action on a scope of practice bill. Please join our colleagues at the Pennsylvania Academy of Ophthalmology (PAO) and take action to help stop this bill. Optometrists are on their way to performing eye surgery in Pennsylvania. The Senate Professional Licensure Committee will be voting upon SB 668 Wednesday morning, June 6, 2018. It is imperative that you email your Senator as soon as possible telling them to Vote NO on SB 668. Optometrists should not be performing eye surgery or injections, prescribing any and all medications including narcotics, ordering MRI’s, or calling themselves optometric physicians. Patient safety and your profession are at risk. You need to call your Senator to stop this, and more, from happening in Pennsylvania.

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