PA DOH Health Update – Outbreak of Hepatitis A Virus (HAV) Infections

The Pennsylvania Department of Health released a Health Update on August 25:


  • Since 2017, multiple states including Pennsylvania have experienced large, ongoing hepatitis A outbreaks affecting people who use drugs and/or people who are homeless.
  • Hepatitis A cases in Pennsylvania decreased in 2020 but have since begun to increase again. In 2021, Pennsylvania has had 45 hepatitis A cases reported to date.
  • DOH recommends that all jurisdictions heighten surveillance for hepatitis A and begin to identify contacts at homeless shelters and other resources necessary for vaccination or other field intervention.
  • DOH is encouraging hepatitis A vaccination for persons experiencing homelessness, persons who report drug use, and men who have sex with men (MSM).
  • Provide hepatitis A vaccination for close or sexual contacts of known cases.
  • Please report any suspected clusters of hepatitis A by calling DOH at 1-877-PA-HEALTH (1-877-724-3258) or your local health department. Additionally, all cases of acute hepatitis A should be reported via PA-NEDSS.

View the entire health update here.

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