PA DOH: Health Advisory – Increases in Reported Gonorrhea and Primary and Secondary Syphilis

The Pennsylvania Department of Health released a Health Advisory on August 23, 2021:


  • During Calendar Year (CY) 2020, Pennsylvania (exclusive of Philadelphia) reported a 21.83% increase in gonorrhea, from 9,012 cases reported in all of CY 2019 to 10,980 cases reported in CY 2020.
  • The reported 10,980 cases in CY 2020 represents the highest number of Gonorrhea cases in more than 30 years.
  • In Pennsylvania (exclusive of Philadelphia) 44 out of 66 counties reported increase in reported Gonorrhea in CY 2020.
  • Additionally, during CY 2020, Pennsylvania (exclusive of Philadelphia) reported a 2.49% increase in reported Primary and Secondary (P&S) Syphilis, from 522 cases reported in CY 2019 to 535 cases reported in CY 2020.
  • The reported 535 cases reported in CY 2020 represent the highest number of reported P&S cases in approximately 30 years.
  • Individuals under age 30 are accounting for a significant portion of the increases in reported STI cases. In CY 2020 this segment of the population represented: 63 percent of the reported gonorrhea, 42 percent of the reported P&S Syphilis, and 83 percent of the reported chlamydia.
  • In response to similar increases nationwide and changes in treatment efficacy, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently updated and released the 2020 STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) Treatment Guidelines. 

    Click Here to view the full health advisory

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