NPI Enumerator Contact Information

Below is the link to the application from which a paper copy can be printed… this is 6 pages.

 Also, if you have  ANY questions or difficulty when completing the application, here is the contact information for NPPES – the contractor.   

NPI Enumerator Contact Information
CMS has contracted with Fox Systems, Inc. to serve as the NPI Enumerator.
  The NPI Enumerator is responsible for dealing with providers on issues relating to unique identification. Enumerator staff will be available to assist health care providers with questions regarding the processing of an NPI application. Please note that Enumerator staff will not be able to assist with questions such as which of your subparts should receive NPIs or where NPIs are to be placed in claims transactions.

Questions related to NPI legislation and regulation or other HIPAA-related matters cannot be answered by the Enumerator.

Questions regarding the use of the NPI in health plan billing should be directed to the individual health plans.

The NPI Enumerator may be contacted as follows:

By phone: 1-800-465-3203 (NPI Toll-Free)
1-800-692-2326 (NPI TTY)
By e-mail at: [email protected]
By mail at: NPI Enumerator
PO Box 6059
Fargo, ND 58108-6059



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