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National Influenza Vaccination Week — December 8-14 

 December 8-14, is National Influenza Vaccination Week (NIVW). NIVW is a national health observance established to highlight the importance of continuing influenza vaccination. Historically, seasonal flu vaccination activity drops significantly at the end of November. While patients are engaged in holiday mode, it is important to remind them to get vaccinated to protect themselves and their families against the flu. Continue flu vaccination through the holiday season and beyond. It’s not too late to vaccinate. Seasonal flu vaccination is also important for health care providers and their staff.

 Generally, Medicare Part B covers one seasonal influenza virus vaccination per influenza season for all beneficiaries. Medicare may cover more than one seasonal influenza virus vaccination per influenza season if a physician determines, and documents in the beneficiary’s medical record, that the additional vaccination is reasonable and medically necessary. A Medicare beneficiary pays nothing (no coinsurance or copayment and no Medicare Part B deductible) for the flu vaccination, if he or she gets the vaccine from a Medicare-enrolled provider. Financial responsibilities may apply for the beneficiary for the administration of the vaccine if the provider does not accept assignment.

 For more information on coverage and billing of the influenza vaccine and its administration, please visit:

  • While some providers may offer flu vaccines, those that don’t can help their patients locate flu vaccines within their local community. The HealthMap Vaccine Finder is a free, online service where users can search for locations offering flu and other adult vaccines.
  • Free seasonal flu resources can be downloaded from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website including prescription-style tear-pads that will allow you to give a customized flu shot reminder to patients at high-risk for complications from the flu and NIVW provider resources.

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