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President Report

Colleagues:  With about 100 days left this year, many of you are asking what the medical society is doing about stopping the 29% SGR cut scheduled for January 1, 2012.…

RVU Changes

And yes, there will be changes in valuation of RVUs. 2012 Practice expense RVUs are in thethird of a four-year transition. Work RVUs are in the fourth of an every-five…

EHR Incentive Program

The proposed rule outlines the 2012 payment year for the program. As in the 2011 payment year, eligible professionals (EPs) may continue to report clinical quality measure results as calculated…

Physician Compare Website

CMS is developing the Physician Compare Website in stages. For 2012, CMS proposes to make public the performance rates of the quality measures that group practices submit under the 2012…

E-prescribing Incentive Program

Key Elements of the 2012 proposed rule include: Modification of measure to allow EPs to use either a qualified e-prescribing system or certified HER system Criteria will parallel 2012 and…